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Community Investment Report - Quarterly Submission

Thank you for your committed support and participation in North Carolina’s Community Investment Report (CIR). In addition to providing the economic development community access to quality, project-level economic development data, CIR is a critical part of sustaining North Carolina’s high performance in business rankings such as Site Selection’s Prosperity Cup.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact the CIR team at 919-447-7773 or

Why is the CIR Important?

Quality Data for Local Economic Developers

Economic development professionals across the state can use the CIR to help fill data requests and/or create a more comprehensive picture of job and investment growth. More specifically, you can use project data to:

  • Keep track of job and investment numbers in your county and/or region.
  • Track investment trends over time.
  • Fulfill project-level economic development data needs.

Published State Rankings

EDPNC submits CIR data to third party entities that determine North Carolina’s rankings on nationally recognized lists such as Site Selection's Top State Business Climates. Thanks to your submissions, North Carolina won Site Selection’s 2015 Prosperity Cup, making it the #1 Top Competitive State.

Business Recruitment and Marketing

EDPNC uses CIR data to promote industries, regions, and counties. More specifically, we:

  • Feature projects, investments, and trends in North Carolina’s trade and investment marketing materials.
  • Highlight industry strengths in your county on RFIs.
  • Encourage prospective companies to invest in North Carolina by demonstrating investment trends and existing industry presence.
  • Evaluate and report on quarterly investment trends.